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Williams, Cathy

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Media Tech (Yearbook) Syllabus

by Cathy Williams

Course Description

Students develop proficiency in using graphic arts/desktop publishing software to create a variety of business publications such as the yearbook, brochures, flyers, programs, etc. 


Ad Sales/Yearbook Sales – 20% - 1st & 2nd quarter Ad Sales (100% is determined by needed ad sales divided by students in class), 3rd quarter Yearbook Sales (100% determined by 110 less the Jostens pre-sales divided by students in class), 4th quarter - no sales required unless needed (sales quotas not met)

Participation - 10% of your grade

Yearbook Pages - 50 % of your grade

Meeting Deadlines – 10% of your grade

Headlines/Captions/Articles – 10% of your grade

Grading Scale

See Student Handbook


It is my belief that you are being prepared for the business world, therefore the quality of your work should be the very best.  Final copies must be perfect to receive an A.  If you are having difficulty with anything I will do my very best to help you!  Please ask for help; I am not a good mind reader!  Pages must be finished at the end of the year before your grade will be posted.  You must reserve a week (8 hour days) after school is out to finish the yearbook.  Pages not finished in the allotted time will result in a 5% decrease in your grade per day.

I expect that you will RESPECT me, RESPECT others, and RESPECT yourself at all times. 

Classroom Rules

*Be ON TIME to class.  The tardy policy in the handbook will be strictly enforced!

*Be considerate of others.

*Be polite--Don't talk while others are speaking.  DO NOT use foul language.

*Stay in your seat during the class period.

*NO TALKING or wandering eyes during tests--either will result in a zero on the test

*TAKE CARE of the furniture and equipment.

*You may not be in the hall during class, therefore you will not receive a pass for the restroom except in case of EMERGENCY.  Please use your in-between class time effectively.



Homework Policy

See Student Handbook.  You need to come to class prepared to work. Each yearbook page is worth 100 points.  Points will be deducted as follows-major mistakes, i.e. spelling, dates, names, grammar, etc.-5 pts. for each; minor mistakes, i.e. formatting, capitalization, etc.-1 pt. each.  Late homework assignments will NOT be accepted, unless absent, and then only if you had no previous knowledge of the work.  Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in 0 points for that assignment (homework, quiz, test, etc.). 

If you need help in the evenings, please feel free to call or e-mail.

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